About Rachel

Rachel is a Leader and Coach with a great passion to help people; she has a surprising strength, tenacity and compassionate insights. Rachel will help you to push your limits and lead you to new heights.


After leading a successful career as a real estate agent for 12 years, married for 25 years and raising 5 kids, and being a lawyer in both Israel and Canada, she decided to follow her passion and become a coach.

Rachel charismatic and energetic personality is infectious. Always optimistic, she instills confidence and excitement in those fortunate enough to work with her. She is the ultimate professional in all her business dealings.

Rachel received her BA in Economics and Management following her two years service in the Israeli Army. After several successful years in the banking industry, Rachel completed her LLB in Law, and subsequently, her LLM in Commercial Law. She opened her own law office, specialising in commercial and criminal law. In 2004, Rachel, her husband and their five children immigrated to Canada, where Rachel decided to pursue a new career in real estate sales. Rachel is committed to providing service at the highest level to her clients.


Rachel recognises, through the coaching process, what it really means and what it really takes to live a whole life congruent with oneself and to lead and create environments for others to do the same. She believes that every one of us is a unique individual who needs a compassionate and empowering support in order to gain clarity on what it is to be congruent with oneself, creates thriving individuals, businesses and homes.

Rachel is passionate about working with people who are looking to take responsibility and create the future success of their business, families and their life. Her commitment is to help you unravel self-sabotage and create a successful, lucrative life that truly aligns with your spiritual purpose and vision.

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