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Satisfied customer reviews:

"When exploring my new career options Rachel was invaluable. By working together we were able to find the right career possibilities and match my interests and skills to specific jobs. I am delighted with the advice and experience that Rachel shared with me; she gave me all the confidence that I needed to pursue my new path. "


- Motti M.

“Though I have never seemed to suffer from a lack of enthusiasm, I was frustrated because I felt I was stuck and lacked a life passion. Thanks to Rachel, in just a few sessions, I now have a vision and a bright new path! Thank you for lighting the way! You are a unique and truly gifted life coach. You had a miraculous way of distilling my words and ideas and honing in on my true desires.”

- Lilach Z.

"Rachel listens carefully and uses her expertise to provide the tools you need to grow your business and make successful decisions. I highly recommend her!" 






-  Neeva Kedem

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